Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

39 Weeks!

Today I went to the doctor again.  He offered to strip my membranes, induce, etc.  But I decided to see what my body wants to do on its own.  So, here's hoping the rest of the week is full of lots of contractions and some big news!  He did have me schedule another appt. for Friday morning just in case.  Hopefully I will have had a baby by then. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

38 Weeks!

Well, today I went to the doctor.  He was very surprised that I am still pregnant.  I am dilated to 3.5 and, according to the doctor, could have a baby at any moment.  I'm still contracting a lot, but not much more than I have been for the past month or so.  The waiting game...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bye Tia! :(

Today Tia Stephanie left for Maryland.  We are very sad that she won't be around for Luz to cuddle with in the mornings, paint toenails, make cookies, read stories, and the many other fun things that we have done together this summer.  On the other hand, we are excited for her to experience new and exciting things such as rooming with Mom again, going back to school, dating, etc.  Good luck Tia!

36 Weeks!

36 Weeks!  Obviously BAD hair day.  Other points of interest are the swollen upper lip, big zit on my face, shirt that no longer covers my belly, and hugely swollen feet that you can't see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me (cont'd)

And now for the official birthday post:
Saturday - What I really wanted this year for my birthday was to spend some time together and for Juan to work on a list of small things around the house that I've been saving up for him.  He was thrilled, of course, with the idea.  So Saturday, he and Luz played together.
Sunday - Sunday morning my counselors popped in, surprising me with some original mango cupcakes (of which I did not get a picture unfortunately), a book, and a cute card.  Thanks!  Then we got to go to Diego's baby blessing and hang out with our friends Antonio and Veronica.  So fun!  We got home and Samuel cooked dinner.  Thanks Samuel!

 Baby Diego and Mama Veronica

Monday - Juan and Luz played, hung out, and did some errands together.  I got to go to Sam's Club with my friend Tepoe.  Then Juan barbecued hamburgers for me (and the rest of the family).  We had some great ice cream sundaes and I got to open some fabulous gifts.  Thanks to all!

Me, Samuel, and Victoria...all ready to blow out our candles!

Bye Tio! :(

Today Tio Matthew left for Rexburg.  We are very sad that he won't be around to help Luz go potty, play purses and babies, eat paletas after nap, help us start the car, and the many other fun things that we have done together this summer.  On the other hand, my baby brother has grown up and is off to live with roommates, study, buy his own food, clean his own apartment, and all of the other exciting adventures that come with being a FRESHMAN in college!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The anatomy of peace : resolving the heart of conflict by The Arbinger Institute (Non-fiction)

My Rating: I really, really enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it!
Appropriate for: Adults, Young adults
My very favorite parts of this book are in the 2nd and 23rd chapters where it talks about "helping things go right!"  I realized as I first read that, that that is innate in me.  I don't want to just fix problems, I want to make every effort to help things go right.  I thought this book was very well written, well explained, and good advice for everyone.

No More Newspapers!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, after 11 months of newspaper delivery between the hours of 1am and 6am without any sort of sleeping in or break or anything, that chapter of our life is over!  Juan's last day was yesterday.  He claims to have almost cried himself to sleep last night over the thought of not waking up at 3am, but I know better. :)  I'll be so happy for him to sleep through the night for a couple of weeks...until Baby Boy is born.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Today I am grateful for a wonderful family...Mom, brothers, sisters, husband, daughter, aunts, uncles, grandparents...all who have taught me how to love. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Review: Tower of Strength by Annette Lyon (LDS Fiction)

My Rating: Great!  Loved the plot, fairly revolutionary for the time period.
Appropriate for: Adults, Young adults
From the back cover: Weaving themes of loss and renewal, this poignant tale explores a vital choice each of us must make: to seek safety in isolation or to embrace the painful yet beautiful complexities of life and love.  I enjoyed this book because of the strength of character each of the people displayed in the face of great affliction and trials.  It was inspiring to me to read of their hope and faith.