Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Luz!

Yesterday we celebrated Luz' 4th birthday.  I know, she is practically all grown up and saving China!  We had a pleasant morning.  Juan made breakfast burritos with eggs and stuff.  Then I left to do a couple of errands while she, Ezra, and Juan all played. 

We had her birthday party from 2-4.  It was a Dora theme.  All the local cousins came.  (I am thankful for the internet and people who post such fabulous and creative ideas for me to copy and/or modify!)  When they arrived they each got a Dora bag filled with necessities for the adventure and got right to work coloring a picture of Dora or one of her friends. (crayons were in the bag) Our next stop was the story blanket to read a Dora book.  Then we headed downstairs and had to blow bubbles to cross the train table that was in our way. (bubbles were in the bag)  Then there were some more obstacles in our way (the Dancing Forest) and we had to dance our way through. (instruments were in the bag)  Then we headed back upstairs to the blanket for a snack. (cup and plate were in the bag)  And learned an English/Spanish song.  And had cupcakes.  And opened presents.  It was a blast!

After the party we headed out to "The Birthday Place" for dinner.  Earlier in the week I had asked Luz what she wanted for her birthday dinner.  She replied very quickly, "I want to go to the birthday place, Mom."  Which birthday place?  Tucanos, of course.  We go there to celebrate Dad's birthday, and Mom's birthday, and now, Luz' birthday.  So cute!  She stood on my lap and shook the tambourine when they sang to her.  Oh, and she insisted that she needed to wear her new princess dress there.

My little Luz is growing up.  She has brought so much happiness into my life these past 4 years.  I seriously don't know what I would do without her.  I get her.  I mean even when I am frustrated with her, I [most of the time] understand what is going through her mind.  She is truly a mini me in so many ways.  I love, love, love her and can't wait for our next adventures together!

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  1. haha - so glad to see we're not the only ones that go to Tucanos every birthday month (with our coupons, of course) :)