Friday, October 15, 2010

I can't believe my baby is 2 weeks old!

Wow!  In most ways the past 2 weeks have flown by...  We went for his check-up today, which is actually one of the best check-ups you have to do.  They do have to do the PKU poke at 2 weeks, but no vaccine pokes.  Ezra's stats are fairly amazing to me.  He is apparently a very efficient eater, which is not a huge surprise, but still amazing.  At birth, he weighed 8 pounds.  Upon release from the hospital, he weighed 7 1/2 pounds.  Today he weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces.  He has also grown from 19 1/2 inches to 20 1/2 inches.  However, his head circumference is in the 10th percentile, which means that clothes fit him. :)

He is really grasping the day/night thing pretty well.  Mind you, he is still a sleepy-head during the day, but we try to keep him awake more.  Luz is doing her part by playing with him lots right after feeding which is when I want lots of stimulation.  She is also trying to help him learn to sleep through the playing of the piano, singing at the top of her lungs, and various other loud noises.  He will have to thank her someday for all that she is teaching him at this very young age.

The only confusion seems to be at 6am.  He goes to bed around 9-10, wakes up around midnight, and again at 3...all of those times he just goes right back to sleep like he's supposed to.  But at 6am, Ezra thinks that it is daytime and wants to interact.  I have explained to him several times that our family schedule indicates that 6am is still nighttime and that no one is up to interact with at that hour.  He does eventually go back to sleep and then usually wakes up about 9-9:30 for the day, which is much more appropriate.  We are obviously still working on this though.  Too bad Luz is sleeping during that time or I'm sure she could help teach him a thing or two. :)

Juan has been a lifesaver this week!  Last week he worked normal hours, which was fine.  I asked him to try to be around more this week though, and he has been.  He has been home all week and it has been fabulous!  I'm gearing up for him going back to work on Monday...

10/4/10 Relaxing on the couch.  I actually think that Ezra is the only one who is really asleep in this picture.  Juan and Luz are faking it.

10/4/10 After Ezra's first bath.  He was a little stressed out at first, but warmed up pretty quickly.

 10/14/10 This picture makes him look pretty big, but Ezra is still actually a very little baby.

10/14/10 On the other hand, Luz is getting HUGE!

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