Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today I feel like Super Woman

After yesterday, I'd like to think that it could only get better...but as most of us know, it usually can get worse.  However, today was an amazing day.  I feel like a great person and a good mother and wife today!  Yeah!  Luz woke up happy!  Not really anything to do with me, but obviously a good start to the day.  That was also a pretty clear indication that she was feeling better.  We got out of the house by around 11 and went to the doctor, the social security office, bought a sit and stand stroller, went to the bank, and voted!  Then we came home and took naps.  Well, I rocked Luz and put her down just as Ezra was waking up.  I snuggled with him for a bit.  I made a simple dinner...and everyone was still happy at bed time.

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