Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Monday was Halloween.  We went over to Aunt Linda's for our "annual" Halloween party with Grandma M.  It was good to see her and visit with her.  We had planned to go over and visit more on Sunday, but we didn't want to take the illness with us, so we got a very short and sweet visit on Monday.  We had dinner and then Juan took the kids trick or treating while we visited.  I tried a new recipe!  I made beef stew inside a pumpkin and cooked it all in the oven.  It was yummy. 

Luz was a...purple butterfly (again)!  This was the 4th year she has worn the same costume.  Best investment ever.  It is the only costume she's ever known.  It is cute and warm and apparently grows along with the child.  I told her this year that it would be her last year as a butterfly.  She said, "Oh good Mom!  I want to be a princess next time." :) 

Ezra was a Tigger, minus the hood.  He is not a hood guy.  He went trick or treating in the stroller.  He is walking quite well, but he doesn't walk much in public yet.

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