Sunday, November 13, 2011

Luz' First Primary Program

Luz participated in her first Primary program today.  She said her part well.  She's known it for weeks now.  "Puedo saber que las escrituras son [la palabra] de Dios."  (I can know that the scriptures are [the word] of God.)  The words in brackets are ones she decided didn't belong and never included in her rehearsal of this part.  I'm not sure why.  I would say the entire phrase and she would repeat it exactly, purposely leaving out that part.  I decided after a few days that it still made sense without it and I didn't want to push it.  So she delivered her version of her part. :)  She sang all the songs.  She looked cute.  I was back in the corner playing the piano and couldn't see her face.  Ezra was mesmerized the entire program and actually sat and watched/listened.  I don't think Juan had to take him out at all.  That's a first!

In an effort to make the Primary program a big deal and because she only has 1 dress that fits her anyway, we got a new dress to wear today.  I picked out 4 that I liked.  We took them into the dressing room.  I had her pick her 2 favorites to try on.  Juan and I both told her we liked the brown and pink one better.  She said she really wanted the purple one.  I let her choose.  It's cute.  The sleeves are a little weird for my taste.  Our mission was to find a cute dress that went with brown shoes because her already-existing, still-fitting church shoes are brown.  Most winter dresses go better with black, but I thought this was just fine.  We had the same mission for Mr. Ezra who has brown shoes.  Apparently we like brown shoes around here and do not want to buy millions of shoes in a size that the kids only wear for a couple of months.  Luz has 2 pair of shoes and some flip-flops.  Ezra has 1 pair of shoes.  The end.  Anyway, Ezra has been wearing some blue cords and a red polo shirt for church for a couple of months now.  They are both too small and not warm enough.  I picked up this outfit at the store in size 18 months... (Luz' dress is size 5, by the way.  Apparently our children are giants.)  ...and showed Juan.  He looked at me like I was nuts, and then I explained the brown shoe plan.  He was on board with that.  Let's buy clothes around already existing shoes. :)  We're weird parents.

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