Monday, December 13, 2010

New Recipe: Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas (from

My Rating: Easy and delicious
It's a busy time of year for all of us.  I found a link while looking at someone else's blog, and decided to give it a try.  If you go here you can get a free trial of a week's menu.  I love that the grocery list is included.  In theory, you are supposed to be able to make up all 5 dinners in 1 hour and store them in the fridge until you want to use them.  I didn't have time to do that today, but I did try this meal.  I used pinto beans I had previously cooked in the crockpot.  I didn't have any salsa, so I omitted it.  I normally use uncooked flour tortillas from Costco.  They really are the best!  So, I barely cooked 8 of them, kept them in the warmer, then went back and filled them 2 at a time in the skillet and cooked them again.  It worked out nicely.  I served these with a green salad.  I thought they were easy and fun.

3 T chopped onion
1 can black beans
1 C. frozen corn
1 T brown sugar
¼ C salsa
¼ t red pepper flakes
1 T chili powder
½ t cumin
2 C Monterrey jack cheese
10 flour tortillas

Scoop 1 cup bean mixture onto 5 tortillas. Top with another tortilla and place on sprayed baking sheet. Spray
quesadillas with cooking spray and bake 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until brown and crisp. Serve with green salad.

Note:  Since this first time, I have made these several more times.  I have tried adding the salsa, but I think it makes them messier to eat and doesn't change the flavor.  I omit the red pepper flakes because I don't like the kick.  I have also found that I prefer cheddar cheese.  And I don't add the onion either because it's just an extra step.  So I have it down to beans (whatever kind I have cooked up), corn, brown sugar, cheese, chili powder, cumin, and tortillas...a reasonable list of ingredients.  All things I have on hand.  And these really are so yummy!

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