Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Recipe: Brazilian Lemonade (from

My Rating: LOVE it!
Husband's Rating: Can you please make it everyday?
I actually found this about a month ago as a result of yet another craving.  I probably make it once a week now and try to have the ingredients on hand in case the craving hits.  Tonight I made it to go with Juan's carne asada...a perfect compliment!  I have a lime juicer, so I cut the limes in half and squeeze the juice out into the blender.  Then I cut the limes in eighths and put them in also.  I add 4 cups water and postpone adding anything else until later.  (Note: I have tried adding the sugar and it gets a bit messy and sticky, so I opt to add it at the end.)  Pulse the Blend-tec about 5-10 times.  Strain the liquid into another pitcher.  Then I put the limes back in with 2 more cups of water and pulse about 5 times.  Strain the liquid into the pitcher.  Throw away the limes.  Then I pour all of the liquid back in the Blend-tec, add the sugar and sweetened condensed milk, pulse about 3 times and serve over ice.  Enjoy!

Find the recipe and more photos here.

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