Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Review: Just Wright

My Rating: Cute, Worth seeing
Rated: PG
Yesterday afternoon, Juan and I went on a real date.  Thanks to Tia Stephanie and Tio Matthew we had a few much-needed minutes out of the house.  I think we were gone for a total of 3 hours, including a brief stop at Costco afterwards.

Real date definition: A period of time without any children, at least one hour, that does not involve anything church or work related.  May or may not involve food.  Always involves fun.

We went to Movies 8 (cheap theater in our area) and saw Just Wright with Queen Latifah.  Love her!  We really enjoyed the movie, which amazingly had a very good portrayal of women as the moral of the story.  Be yourself and things will work out!  It will probably be available to rent soon, so be sure to make an evening of it and have your own date night!

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