Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day Fun

Here in Utah, Pioneer Day (July 24th) is a big deal.  I haven't really been "into" it before, but after all the fun we had over the 4th of July weekend, I thought we should give it an honest-to-goodness try.   I have come to appreciate the fact that children need to be taught gratitude more now than in years past.  One thing I firmly believe in is that if you appreciate the past, you will be even more grateful for what you have today.  And that is the basis for our historical celebrations this year.

Today I am thinking of the pioneer women and appreciating the pregnant ones.  If I had been a pioneer, I would not have been able to carry my babies to term.  I am in awe of their hardships and sacrifices and grateful for modern medicine.

1. We got up, got ready, and went over to a family breakfast at the Jensen's about 9:30.  Thanks Jensens!  They had pancakes, eggs, sausage, scones with honey butter, fruit, and much more.  They are really awesome.  Thanks for inviting us over!!!

Here is our little pioneer daughter.  I did not make the bonnet, but I did make the skirt!

2. We went over to North Park where there is a Pioneer village.  There were also about a million Pioneer games and crafts.  I am very, very impressed with how well-done everything was.  Provo really knows how to put an event together, even a free one!

 Luz got to ride a live pony carousel.  Fun!

We met up with cousins Victoria and Julianna.  Here are the Pioneer girls in front of the quilt display.

The 3 of us.

Luz and Papa playing a game.

3. We left a little before 2:00 and came home for a nap.

4. Benjamin, Tami & fam came over about 4:30 to play in the water!

 Juan and Luz playing in our newly acquired bigger pool.

5. And then we had a carne asada and played inside for a bit.

6. Later that night, Uncle Sal and Uncle Samuel came into town en route from Rexburg to Burbank.  We had a nice visit.

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  1. Hey! I heard that Provo was going to put on Pioneer games and I was pretty sad we missed them. Jared is from Bountiful and they make a huge deal out of Pioneer Day. It looks like you had so much fun.