Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Panty Post #8

One week since the fun began.  I will no longer be posting daily about potty-training.  Only the really eventful moments will show up now.  

Today we (Luz, Tio Matthew, Tia Stephanie, and I) had a few things to do.  As it turns out, I think Luz checked out the bathrooms in each and every place.  The Quilted Bear, JoAnn's, and Old Navy.  Old Navy was very frustrating so I'll write about that one.  Luz turns to me amidst looking at clothes and says that she has to go.  I grab her hand and run to the bathroom, which is occupied.  Well, the lady took a little too long and sadly, Luz didn't quite hold it long enough.  Then the auto-flush toilet in Old Navy really ticked me off! There Luz was just sitting there trying to go to the bathroom and it kept flushing, scaring her half to death. Then when I wanted it to flush...nothing!  Tia Stephanie came to the rescue and brought our supplies from the car.  Luz changed panties and everything turned out fine.

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