Friday, August 6, 2010

Jenny Phillips Concert

Thanks to a reminder phone call from my lovely sis about 6:00 tonight, Juan, Luz and I were able to make it to a free concert featuring Jenny Phillips.  She was great!  Her music really reaches out to all.  I am very impressed with her as a person.  She just had her fourth baby earlier this year and it doesn't seem to have slowed her down.  But I think I know why.  Toward the end of her performance tonight, she shared an experience she had that changed her life.  She was driving on the freeway and a railroad tie was about to be flung into her windshield.  She just knew that she was going to die and quickly reflected on whether she had done all she should while on the Earth.  She didn't feel quite ready and prayed for more time.  Talk about making the most of each and every day!  Am I doing what Heavenly Father expects of me each and every day of my lives?  What more can I do to make the most of my unknown time on Earth?

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